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Touching/ petting

Discuss the methods and techniques of clicker training, target training and bonding. These are usually the first steps in training a young parrot.

Touching/ petting

Postby Tman007 » Sun Aug 17, 2014 10:18 am

I have had Amos and Andy now for 7 weeks, I have worked with them on stepping up, Not grabbing to hard. ( I would say they have never bit me). They just grab and then they will press down a little to hard some times in the beginning. I have worked with them on how they like to be touched. Each one has his own way of how they like to be touched. Andy is really funny I can hold him in my hand, with hand all the way around him but if I try to touch him with the other hand by using my finger he doesn't like it. but if I hold him with one hand and with that hand us my thumb and for finger to rub his neck he loves it. Amos likes me to rub him by his neck and shoulder were the wing connects to the shoulder. he loves it so much he will open his wing up all the way and makes this little sound like he is just digging on it. I also have started to touch them on their feet and legs. As Amos is digging on getting rubbed, I will just go down and rub his leg or lightly touch his feet. I also so rub under his wings. One day while I was rubbing his neck he just lifted up his wing and I started to rub under it. Andy will not let me rub under his wing but he will lay flat on his back on my hand and let me rub his belly LOL. I have also taught Amos targeting and turning on the perch and waving. I will have to say that once I started targeting and teaching him to turn, getting him to understand to wave was not that hard. As for Andy he will target and turn but we have just a little problem with waving . He doesn't lift his foot first he wants to us his beak when he steps up. So I figured I would hold off on that and figure out how to get him to raise his foot. So I put the fact he likes to lay on his back to work, I am having him lay flat and wait for me to say OK and let him get up. I tell him down. If anyone knows a way to get him to raise his foot please let me know, I would like a few ideas. Thanks :gcc: :jenday:
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