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Tame Ringneck now being aggressive

Discuss the methods and techniques of clicker training, target training and bonding. These are usually the first steps in training a young parrot.

Re: Tame Ringneck now being aggressive

Postby Wolf » Mon Jun 06, 2016 8:47 am

some prefer boys and some prefer girls so it is perfectly natural to hope for the one that you prefer. The more time that you can spend with him the better. Mealtimes can be especially good for helping to improve your bond with your bird. It is even better if you place a few bird friendly foods on the side of your plate so that you can fully share this time with him by sharing your food with him, just the bird friendly foods. Mealtimes are for a parrot a major social and bonding time and it can help your relationship as well as improve your birds diet and probably yours as well.
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Re: Tame Ringneck now being aggressive

Postby Peanut_power » Mon Jun 06, 2016 9:19 am

Yeah, we always have something bird-friendly as part of our meals. He is usually jumping out of his cage as soon as he sees us sit down to eat.
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Re: Tame Ringneck now being aggressive

Postby Pajarita » Mon Jun 06, 2016 10:22 am

That's very good news! I am glad that things seem to have settled down nicely.
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