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Parrotlet hand taking 2 month o!d?

Discuss the methods and techniques of clicker training, target training and bonding. These are usually the first steps in training a young parrot.

Parrotlet hand taking 2 month o!d?

Postby Rocket112 » Wed Jul 19, 2017 2:29 am

Hello my name is Fred I have a male 2 month old parrotlet it was not hand tame I purchased them from a breeder. I've had him approximately a week and a half and I've been able to get him to go on my finger as a perch perching on my finger back of my hand I noticed that he fluffs his fixing his feathers well on my hand very frequently is this a normal behavior? He's very cautious of me when I go to put my finger near his head because he likes his head to be neck to be scratched but he's quick to try to bite! So far progress has been I think pretty good he takes food from my hand and like I mentioned he likes his hair allow me to scratch his neck chin side of his jaw but he seems to be very leery at the same time like I said I have to let him out of his cage in order to get him to go on my finger and like I said I've had parrots when I was much younger Khan yours Blue Front Amazon. But that was 20 years ago. as far as the parrotlet I found them to be entertaining watching them on videos on YouTube so if this 5 6 months I've decided I'd get one and I'm hoping that I can get him as tamed as I see other parrots have been chained and is tamed as my previous parrots when I was younger I just would like for someone or I invite anyone to chime in with the winter birds frequently fixing his feathers and prune grooming himself when he's on my wrist is that a nervous habit of his perched on my finger that a nervous habit and why is he comfortable on my beers and be comfortable likes to say I my finger or my hand and yet he's very quick to try to attempt The Bite menu at the same time if I move my hand towards his head and I want to see there's no threat here allow me to scratch his neck and head but he will buy it he's been me a few times I just don't pull away I tell him out or tell him no. I also would like to try to use a perch stick to purchase get them to perch inside the cage and bring him out that way when I wish to bring them out but he doesn't seem to care for a perch stick run away from it so I just let him out of his cage to the top as a perch on the top and he'll sit up there and I will now and relax and accept some food for me and then I'll get them to you just goes on my finger if I pet him a little but I would like to invite everyone to give me some suggestions those that have parrotlets or about the body language of the power let that I mentioned up above my bird and what's in a rough time. Before the bird become very trustworthy and will no longer attempt to bite me even though he goes purchase on my finger in my hand and my forearm he's still you know I've only had him a week and a half and he's only 2 months old. I look forward to everyone's reply sorry for the long posting but I wanted to give some extensive background about my bird it's important to me and my bird my Parrotlet.
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Re: Parrotlet hand taking 2 month o!d?

Postby Pajarita » Wed Jul 19, 2017 9:08 am

At only 8 weeks of age, I hope from the bottom of my heart that you are feeding him soft food and that you have not clipped him! I have to say that it sounds to me as if you have because you mention he climbs up to the top of his cage instead of flying out of it, as little birds always do when they can fly.

Now, there are a few things you need to take into consideration with parrotlets. 1) is that they don't do well alone, they all end up plucking. 2) is that they cannot be fed seeds put in a bowl and just leave them there all day long, they need whole grains and lots of greens and fruits (and the seeds need to be grass seeds like millet, canary seed, etc which are lower in protein and fat). 3) last but not least, you are rushing things too much with your taming/training. One and a half week is NOTHING! You need to allow the bird to get to know and trust you first and you are not going to get that if you keep on trying to touch him when he doesn't want you to. Slow down. Take your time and only introduce new things at the bird's pace. Spend many hours just sitting or doing things in the same room he is in (his cage should be open), talk, sing, whistle and offer him a treat every now and then but, if he doesn't take it from your fingers, just leave it near him and walk away. These are not rewards, they are tokens of your affection for him, they are gifts. They will be rewards once you start training but for these seeds to be what we all a 'high value' item, he can't have them all the time - and that's another reason for him not to get seeds all the time in his cage.

Once he flies to your shoulder, you can start training him to target.
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