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Spixes going back to Brazil!

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Spixes going back to Brazil!

Postby Pajarita » Mon Jun 10, 2019 9:38 am

If you have been following the news on this species, you will know that the Brazilian Government in partnership with preservation groups had bought a ranch (75 acres) that was smack in the middle of their ancestral breeding grounds and allowed it to go back to wild nature in preparation for this event. The greatest problem they have had with these birds was first that most of the breeding stock was infected with PDD but also that they were not reproducing naturally but it's not that the pairs are not compatible, as the writer of this article states, but because they require very old trees of a particular species for their nests. So, for many years, the only way of keeping the species alive was artificial insemination AND incubators -which did keep them alive but did not allow for birds to learn what they needed prior release to the wild (no parents, no skills whatsoever both physical and mental). For the last few years, they finally achieved natural reproduction so now, 50 of these birds are going back to the preserve in preparation for future release - let's all keep all our fingers and toes crossed that it does work! ... h-germany/
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