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Diamond Dove Care?

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Diamond Dove Care?

Postby Georginia » Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:33 pm

I know I said I wanted another Budgie on my last post, but I recently came across a picture of a beautiful Diamond Dove, and after reading a bit about it's personality and care, I think it might actually be better than getting another Budgie! I know birds should really be kept in pairs, but I was wondering if I only got one Dove and let it play with my other Budgies, would it be okay to just get one? I want a bird that will bond with me, and while Skittles and Nico do enjoy hanging out with me a bit (Skittles enjoys shoulder time), they still just like to hang out by themselves for the rest of the time, and don't like to be bothered. I would be able to take the Dove out of the cage for several hours a day, and I would allow him playtime with my other birds.

My main concern is housing. I read they can't have wire bottoms in the cage. So, I was wondering if it would be okay to maybe lay out fleece on the bottom? If not, what are the other options as to flooring? And as for the cage, I thought a dog crate would be great, but I think the bar spacing is too wide for a little Dove. So what cage would you recommend? And lastly, I read a bunch of different articles on their diet. Some people say that Cockatiel or Finch seed is find, while others suggest other things. What is the BEST thing to feed a Diamond Dove, and how much daily? Thanks!
I currently have two male Budgies, whom I love very much! I hope to soon expand my bird family and adopt more loving feathered friends into my home!
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Re: Diamond Dove Care?

Postby stevesjk » Thu Apr 20, 2017 4:56 am

How often are you home georgina? Im reluctant to make recommendations to you because you sound young and young people (teens) getting a single bird is never a good idea because what happens is a young girl gets a bird, the bird mate bonds to the girl, all is fine for a few years then the girl discovers boys, social life and possibly going away to college then bird is left with parents screaming all day for girl so bird ends up in rescue. With a pair the damage is less when girl has other things to do, they still have their partner so looking after them is easier for parents which in turn means they might keep their home.

Now with all that in mind if you feel you still want a human bonded bird have you considered having a walk around a local parrot sanctuary? Seek out an older bird whos personality is already determined, i would suggest no bigger than a meyers parrot, a human bonded cockatiel would be perfect but others will disagree.

That diamond dove you're looking at, i think they are more flock birds, they prefer aviaries but others will no more than me about them.
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Re: Diamond Dove Care?

Postby liz » Thu Apr 20, 2017 6:09 am

Getting a bird from a rescue is really the best. Read Navre threads. He volunteers and is telling us the personalities of the birds. Rescues usually keep them and learn from them before adopting them out. They will know the bird's personalities.
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Re: Diamond Dove Care?

Postby Pajarita » Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:36 am

Well, although doves are super duper sweet and would never bite, they don't bond to humans (aviary and parent-raised species all of them) PLUS they are highly social and mate for life so having only one is cruel to them. And they won't 'play' or even interact in any way with any other species. Plus, they coo in the middle of the night and although I found the sound (I had five of them at the rescue) soothing, some people hate it so I don't see your parents (who find budgies too noisy) being happy about this.
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