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IRN or Alex? and why?

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IRN or Alex? and why?

Postby Drara » Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:11 pm

Hello friends...

Well, I know this is most probably a very famous question... but I think it never really gets old to talk about it and discuss over this again.

Well, I'm not new to both of these species but I still wanna get your advice, especially since I would like to make a final decision whether to get a lutino Indian ringneck or an Alexsandrine.

So, Here it goes:

Question: What would you sincerely recommend that I get - an IRN or an Alex?

And main reasons to my dilemma:

1. Which one is really a more easy, laid-back and calm character.

2. Some people claim that both species are not very cuddly and don't like to be touched or patted, but by considering with most cases, which one would you say is most likely to allow to be touched, patted and cuddly?

Thank you for your participation.
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Re: IRN or Alex? and why?

Postby Navre » Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:34 pm

I have only had experience with a couple of Alexandrines, so I can't really say how they compare to an IRN, but I have had a couple of moustache parakeets that are wonderful birds. They're not really cuddly, but they are affectionate.
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