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Hys flying and nesting

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Hys flying and nesting

Postby Pajarita » Mon Apr 29, 2019 9:01 am

Nice video of them in their natural habitat. If you look at the frame where the macaw comes out of the hole in the tree -which is placed to the left of the screen- and jumps to a branch to the right of the trunk, you will see a palm tree smack in the middle of the frame. My country (and Brazil, of course) has lots and lots and lots of those same palm trees, they are called Butia palms and the produce a fruit of the same name, butia, which the birds love (see second and third link). People don't eat it although it's super sweet (and sticky) because the skin is tough and the edible part is just a thin layer of flesh over a very large pit. We kids used to throw rocks at them and eat the ones that fell to the gorund but not adults (I guess it's too much trouble for such a little morsel of fruit) but they use it to make an alcoholic beverage. ... vi-BBWfGhj ... ORM=IQFRBA
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