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getting bird to do more favorable noises more often?

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getting bird to do more favorable noises more often?

Postby Silentraven » Sun Jul 28, 2013 12:14 pm

hey every one i was wondering if you had some pointers to help with my situation. my senegal is a great bird and knows lots of whistles, the problem is that he only does these whistles and songs when he believes no one is home (when we are sleeping, or out in the yard) other times he will only scream and shriek. i know he is doing it for attention because he will stop for a second if you go in his room or by his door. normally i would just let him out so he can get some exercise but he prefers my wife over me and its hard for me to interact with him (aka get him back in when i need to go to work). how can i get him to do his whistles more often? i have tried whistling and saying the words that he knows when im in the other room but he will just still scream. we were also possibly thinking about getting a cockatiel, but i would hate for the senegal to teach the cockatiel to just scream, but was also thinking it could go the other way and he might teach the senegal to whistle more...? i have tried rewarding good noises but like i said he only really does them when he thinks no one is home, so if he is singing and i then go to give him a treat he will stop and when i leave he will just start screaming again. and some times when i go to let him out or give him a treat for being good, he will start screaming at me when i get near his cage.
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Re: getting bird to do more favorable noises more often?

Postby Wayne361 » Sun Aug 18, 2013 2:13 pm

Seems like a bit of a tricky one. What I have done is talk to my :senegal: Oscar before meal times. Most notably his morning meal. I use words he already knows and try to use in context. At first nothing much other than normal. Now he is convinced talking gets him fed in the morning or when hungry. So now he doesnt shut up in the morning before being fed. Funny but he will even mimic new words and probably the best time to teach new words cause he seems super motivated and in the phrame of mind at this time. He will mimic to no end as I feed him shortly after. I realize the hard part is to have the bird "get it". But with persistance I think you will have success. As you already realize NEVER reward unwanted sounds. Currently not rewarding Oscar for making his "blowing my nose" sound. Lately while training he has recently picked up "Your a good boy Oscar" through me saying that while rewarding desired behaviours. Wish I could help further here. Good luck.

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