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Peanut has been talking a lot more than usual

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Peanut has been talking a lot more than usual

Postby LadySaphine » Wed Sep 11, 2013 3:58 pm

So, I know GCC's aren't that well known for their speech, but Peanut definitely has something to say. She says 'pretty bird', 'pretty girl', 'good girl', 'you silly bird', and she and I will have a 'Peanut' conversation, where she says 'Peeaannuutt' (she says this when she doesn't want me to go) and I'll respond with another 'Peanut'.

Also, lately she's been really picking up on her words. She know says 'Ciao Peanut' because my mom is Italian and of course, mimcs her. She also now goes 'BEEP Beep bep beep beep!' because I started using that as a contact call. It's much better than her screeching.

I'm not too worried on why she does it, but I find it cute and amusing. She always talks when she's happy. :D
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