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help discouraging Harry's crow imitation

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Re: help discouraging Harry's crow imitation

Postby Wolf » Tue Apr 29, 2014 1:07 am

Michael wrote:Ok, don't worry about terminology. I just want you to come out with the realization that these concepts are determined not by our perceptions but by the outcomes. It doesn't matter if you think a sunflower seed is a treat. If behavior does not increase as a result, then it was not positive reinforcement and in other words a waste of time.

When it comes to saying "no" to biting... if you find yourself saying it less and less frequently, eventually not at all, then it may be working (but can't rule out coincidence). On the other hand if you're still finding yourself saying it the same amount, then it is useless and doing nothing (except creating a perception that you told the parrot not to bite). Or if biting actually increases because the parrot loves to push your buttons and make you talk, then it is positive reinforcement and you really screwed the situation up.

This is stated simply enough that it is not confusing to most people and when put in this manner makes sense and I can agree with it. It matches with my goals when working with anyone, whether they have feathers or fur or just two legs, the increase in desirable behaviors.
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