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Mollie trains ME!

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Mollie trains ME!

Postby Mollie » Fri Dec 23, 2016 1:06 am

Mollie turned 1 year old on thanksgiving! She has learned on her own quite a lot of phrases and all know what they mean. Her first word was "Hello!" and she uses that for various reasons. She uses it for welcoming us when we come through the door. And when she sees us in the morning, when she wants something from our hands, and also frantically saying hello and whining/crying when she knows we are going to leave the house. (I think she says hello because it's a welcoming and if she says it enough times she thinks we will come back). She says "give me a kiss!" and won't stop until we give her a kiss and we do the same with her. She also says "step up" when she wants to go on our finger. She says "mollie" and "hey mollie!" randomly. She imitates our kitchen appliances and alarms. (Right before we touch the button she'll make a beep noise) and she'll imitate the microwave alarm perfectly so that my mom actually comes into the kitchen thinking she left the timer on. We realized it's her way of tricking us to come towards her. She also learned "go poopy" like shes giving us a warning but its not very good warning because she poops immediately after it haha. Also when the family laughs at the dinner table, she laughs too. For some reason she whistles at me in the shower, but I have no idea how that happened because I can't whistle and no one taught her that haha.
Some of my family never believed any of this until they heard her for themselves. It's very funny when they think there's another person in the room because she says everything so clearly.

The weirdest thing is that she started making my clicker noise when we scratch her head... and then she tries regurgitating her food to give us a "treat!" :o next thing she will say is "good human!" hahaha

I was looking at other videos of birds (especially poisephalus) and they don't say things too clearly or are known for talking much. I'm trying to figure out if my bird is abnormally (and kind of creepily) smart. I'm going to try to type her trick list on another post.
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Re: Mollie trains ME!

Postby liz » Fri Dec 23, 2016 7:29 am

Molly is a real show off. You have to watch out for the smart ones. They are like children in their terrible twos.

I understand your amazement. At her age it has only just begun. You are in for a wild ride with your feathered toddler.

Rainbow gave me a crash course in parrot. Before he came to live with me I thought birds just mimicked. His first day with me was a riot. The first week had us all going. He was so serious that we did not dare laugh. Rainbow was 15 when I got her so she had been able to pick up a lot of words and know how to use them. At least once a week now she will surprise us with a new phrase.

You have to be careful with the really smart ones. They can easily become our masters.

Myrtle is 6. I have had her for 5 years. She came from a terrible place but Rainbow was a very big help in calming her and teaching her to be a being. She has many words and surprises me daily with her phrases but still loves to "baby blabber".
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Re: Mollie trains ME!

Postby Pajarita » Fri Dec 23, 2016 11:24 am

Mollie sounds delightful! Has she been DNA'd a female or you just think she is one?

I think that she thinks that Hello is her name and that's why she says it when she wants attention (parrots in the wild use their own names first whenever they 'talk' to each other).

Her regurgitations are not 'treats' to humans, she hormonal but this is something that shouldn't be happening this time of the year unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere -do you?

As to talking, actually, the best talker I have and ever have had is a poi, too!
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