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How can I help him talk more clearly?

Want to teach your bird talk? Learn about and discuss methods for training birds to vocalize and mimic different sounds on cue.

How can I help him talk more clearly?

Postby guybo » Tue May 24, 2011 9:35 am

So my quaker, Perseus, has begun to talk. He says "Hello pretty bird" "Hi Little buddy" "uh-huh that's right" "step up" (but only when I say it to one of the other birds LOL he wants that attention!) and he'
s said a couple other things. I work with him on it daily- I'll be watching TV and he just starts to chatter then he talks. I repeat the words and encourage him to say more and reinforce what he's already been saying.

I can understand him though it's garbled. Everyone else can mostly make out his words but it's rough. He speaks too fast, it's not clear and the tone is very low. A few times he's raised his voice a few octaves (LOL falsetto) and it was surprisingly clear, though too fast still.

So my question is- Perseus is young, he's just over 1 year. Is there anything else I can do to encourage him to speak more clearly?
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Re: How can I help him talk more clearly?

Postby liz » Thu May 26, 2011 2:43 pm

It is just like a baby. They repeat the words they hear is why hello is the first word. They will repeat anything you say often. Myrtle (I just found out is only 1) She repeats everything including what Rambo says.

When Rambo is annoyed he says "you got a problem?" Myrtle now says it, but she has also leaned the meaning. One day I asked her if she had a problem and she said "I don't know".

They learn like a baby but just like a baby they will start to understand the meaning of the words and use them back. They will even rearange the words to tell you something or ask you a question just like a kid learning.

The clearer you speak the clearer they speak.
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Re: How can I help him talk more clearly?

Postby Michael » Thu May 26, 2011 2:50 pm

Sometimes they need more time to practice. However, to me, Monk Parakeets never truly sound clear. They have this kind of high pitched metallic voice. So it's a bit of both. Definitely give it some time though and try to enunciate yourself when you speak.
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