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Help with harness training.

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Help with harness training.

Postby tresagomez » Fri May 10, 2013 1:43 am


I have a female Eclectus. [just got her this last month and she is 7 yrs old] She is really sweet and I can do pretty much anything with her. I am having a challenge with her being hormonal and the wrong treats or too much verbal rewarding triggers breeding behavior from her. I have avoided doing anything with a harness because I know touching her on the back when putting the harness on is going to send her into breeding behavior. [tail lifting, etc] but I also know that she would be able to burn alot of frustration with flying on a harness outside..... please help!!!!!!!!! :hatched: :hatched: :hatched: :hatched: :hatched: :hatched: :hatched: :hatched: :hatched: :hatched:

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Re: Help with harness training.

Postby Michael » Fri May 10, 2013 5:57 pm

I'd focus on solving the behavior problems FIRST and then working on harness second. You might not solve the behavior problems completely without the socialization and outdoors time, but you have to do more of the first to get to the second. You can still get the bird some outdoors time in a carrier in the meantime (which is important anyway in case the bird is fearful of being outdoors).

I believe that weight management can reduce hormonal activity and improve the health of most companion parrots. That's a start. Then making touching places a "food rewarding" behavior instead of reproductive behavior is the next step. Touches on wings and other parts lead to food before the bird can begin making displays. Then the bird learns to anticipate food instead of mating. Work on training some other things as well so that the bird knows how to learn before taking on the challenge of harness training.
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