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Here's a new one

Discuss topics associated with teaching birds to fly. Training parrots recall flight, target flying, and other flying exercises.

Here's a new one

Postby NICrosis » Mon Dec 22, 2014 10:19 pm

Sorry for the long absence, moving and whatnot sucks.

I have a bit of a predicament. Loki, the African grey won't jump, let alone fly.

He's five years old, and his wings are all grown back (after some nasty hobbitses clipped them). Problem is, he won't fly.

At this point, I just want him to jump. However, he can't even seem to manage that. I've tried everything from trying to get him to jump from a counter, to moving between two perches that are just outside beaking distance. Loki will not even attempt a jump.

Here's what aggravates me. He'll jump in fear.

He doesn't like the shower, which is where I first learned he could jump. Straight from his shower perch to the sink (which is about the same height and a good 4 feet away). HE CAN JUMP! However, he will not jump in what's the most basic of jumping steps. Doesn't matter if I offer him a sunflower seed, or a seed pouch and a peanut. Loki will not jump, and it's been 2 weeks of hard training now. I get he's five years old, but the bird needs to jump.
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Re: Here's a new one

Postby Wolf » Tue Dec 23, 2014 12:10 am

It has been a long time, too long really, Any way it is good to hear from you again.
In all probability he was clipped before he fledged, I don't know that for certain, but it sure sounds like it to me. What exactly have you been doing to train him to fly, if I may ask?
Some birds that were clipped that young never do fly, and Greys are less aggressive than most other parrots. Their psyche is easily damaged when they are young and they just don't have the confidence in themselves to even try to fly. Now it could also be something else entirely as they are extremely smart. Kookooloo rarely even tries to fly inside as she feels that there is simply not enough space to be worth it, or so it seems, because she can fly beautifully when she wants to.
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