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Any one flight re call train a parrot from a chick? Video

Discuss topics associated with teaching birds to fly. Training parrots recall flight, target flying, and other flying exercises.

Any one flight re call train a parrot from a chick? Video

Postby Superman2016 » Sun Feb 07, 2016 8:25 pm

This is my first time getting a baby so young to give him the chance to learn to fly and keep his wings un cut. Edited to add: I mean flight re call. I did this informally with a lovebird I handfed and raised who was the sweetest bird I ever had. And a black cap conure that became so in love with me he would fly to and attack my husband and we couldn't keep him because of how aggressive he was with my husband (DNA sexed male thought I was his mate ) This was 16years ago (before 15years of marriage and having 4kids) and I know most of the things I think I did wrong now, after doing a lot of reading and want to try again.

Every "mile stone" we get to watch him experience is with joy . We are raising him differently than I did my past birds starting with diet and cage size, among other things.
Anyway I wanted to share what my baby can do !
But I would love to get connected with those who have raised a parrot from chick and not just a parrot they acquired un tamed and had to tame it. I'm interested in learning what I need to do if my situation calls for different training tactics , or not. I have ordered Micheals book and it should arrive tomorrow and I am waiting to hear back from about planning a consultation with him.

But here is a video of my baby's first attempts "flying" (jumping) to mommy while we cheer him on. Sorry it is so dark. Taken with cell phone because I was too eager to show what he can do, to set up my dslr on a tripod and it was at night.

I plan to upload all the pictures and videos of his growth and training progress at this new page I created:
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