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So happy I found this forum...

Discuss topics associated with teaching birds to fly. Training parrots recall flight, target flying, and other flying exercises.

So happy I found this forum...

Postby kittyhazelton » Fri Jan 06, 2012 8:21 am

I'm so happy to have found this forum, so many of the other ones I've looked through have a clear objection to free-flighted birds "It's not safe, it can't be done, you're puttng your bird at too much risk" etc...
My blue Indian Ringneck Parakeet and Doves have been fully flighted for several years now and not once have I ever had a problem with injury, escapes, or the usual "dangers" people whine about.
My entry way has 2 sets of doors, so even guests who are unaware of the flying critters in my home would have a hard time facilitating an unintentional escape.

I've recently acquired a female blue & gold macaw who was clipped by her previous owners before coming to me, so now I'm waiting on her flights to grow back in... though she is a pretty powerful glider so she does still have some of the wing strength necessary for flight (They told me she had her own room, and was flighted before and could fly) I'm taking the opportunity to work on her basic training right now, clicker/target/etc.
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Re: So happy I found this forum...

Postby Michael » Fri Jan 06, 2012 9:36 am

Excellent. Build those skills, trust, and a training relationship so by the time it can start flying you'll be well on your way.
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Re: So happy I found this forum...

Postby pennyandrocky » Fri Jan 06, 2012 5:01 pm

hello, i've done this with my bluefront amazon, it took alot of time and patience i started slow taking him out early in the morning when activity is low staying right next to an open door just in case, then took him farther and later getting him used to noise like police/firetruck sounds, i would check the weather to check for wind,a bird can get carried off on windy days happened once, after a few years i took him walking in my yard and he reached for a small tree in my yard and he spent 5 summers in that tree. good luck with yours i lost mine last year and i missed him in his tree this summer i wish i had the time to do the same with the ones i have now but i'll have to settle for an outdoor aviary.
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