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flying up to hand from ground? Need some advice

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flying up to hand from ground? Need some advice

Postby kittyhazelton » Tue Apr 17, 2012 10:39 am

OK, so as you know I've been working with Chica the previously clipped :macaw:
We're now at the point where she's flying to my outstretched hand (graduated from landing on my arm to the hand over the weekend) on call about 70-80% of the time (which I think is great considering treats do NOT work to bribe her, she's hardly food motivated & prefers her snuggle time)
I've got her flying DOWN from high places to my hand, as well as flying UP from lower perches to my hand... however there is one starting point where she refuses to fly up & reverts to the birdy waddle walk or climbing over flight...
When she is on the ground, no-matter what I do to try to encourage her she always tries to go out of her way to find a route to CLIMB up instead of flying/hopping. I'm going to try putting her on the floor somewhere that she doesn't have anywhere TO climb (such as my kitchen, or bathroom) and sitting up on a stool with legs that are too wide for her to grab her beak around to climb and trying that.
Any suggestions how I can encourage her to fly UP from the ground?
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Re: flying up to hand from ground? Need some advice

Postby Michael » Tue Apr 17, 2012 11:22 am

Practice in a place where there is nothing to climb up like a hallway. Recall to your hand but from as far as possible cause it's harder to fly up a steeper angle.
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