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Chewing on the harness

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Chewing on the harness

Postby Percival » Thu Oct 25, 2012 6:48 pm

Percy has been a very good bird with harness training. I have managed to get him to wear it on several occasions. He's not afraid of the harness as he associates it with treats, but he simply dislikes it. He moves away from it, and tries to step around it to come and step up and hide on my shoulde instead. This I can work on as he just needs to associate the harness with excitement and playing, I think.

My main concern is that when he wears the harness, he chews on it. How can I dissuade this? I'm wondering if he won't just grow bored of it once flying is involved. At the moment he isn't fully flighted as he came to me clipped. He has two primaries on each wing which have since grown in so he can get some pretty good forward momentum when he wants to.

On a separate note, unrelated to harness wearing:

I was also wondering about how to train him where to fly in the house. I want there to be specific stations where he is allowed to land. I can't have him randomly landing on chairs or tables or people. I wouldn't mind it, but I'm sure my room mates won't be too thrilled.

Thanks so much for the advice!
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Re: Chewing on the harness

Postby Wayne361 » Fri Oct 26, 2012 7:43 pm

I really cant help you with the first part of your question regarding chewing the harness. The second part, get some training perches or make your own). Do training and other rewarding behaviours on the stands. Bird will associate the stands with good things and fly to them more often than anywhere else.
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