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Training senegal to not fly everywhere

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Training senegal to not fly everywhere

Postby archaic37 » Wed Dec 04, 2013 6:44 pm


I have a almost 4 year old senegal who has just a couple months ago began to have full flight after years of being clipped. I have trained him when carrying him to fly off my finger to his cage or his tree perch in the living room simply by saying home or perch.

Now the issue is when he is in the living room which is very open, he can easily fly from his perch to the kitchen. He does this literally every time someone walks into the kitchen, although he does not land on the person he usually lands on the cabinetry then will fly onto my shoulder if I am in the kitchen. If he doesn't fly to the kitchen he will fly to the back of the couch where you sit and will try to snatch food out of your hand (dinner time he is placed in his cage upstairs). We do not give him treats when we are eating only after we are done. He will fly to the bar stools which is attached to the kitchen and left unattended will chew on any paper, bag, vegetable you name it that is on the counter.

I would like to start a training regime so that he stops flying everywhere constantly, he is great at stepping up no matter where he is, whether on the cabinets, counter chewing on things or my shoulder. It would just make life easier for everyone in the house to not have to constantly move him and worry about him trying to snatch food. I really have no clue where to start besides flight recall and even then I am not sure if that is the right first step.

Thank you.
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