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Chris Biro as pirate

Exchange information about how to teach specific tricks to parrots. Most of these techniques should apply to all bird species. Share your success stories.

Re: Chris Biro as pirate

Postby Pajarita » Mon Aug 28, 2017 9:33 am

Yes, I think you are right - but what are the chances of them actually finding the poor bird's corpse? Very little! I only remember one instance of an English African Gray owner who took the same walk every morning along the beach with his CAG for 15 years without a problem until, one day, the bird flew away and even though he looked and looked and looked, he couldn't find him.... until 5 days later when he found his body on the beach. It had died of thirst. The thing is that on the one hand, people always think that what happens to other people will not happen to them. Nobody learns from other people's experiences and, sadly, very little from their own. Confucius said that experience is a lamp we carry on our back, it only lights the road we already travelled. And, on the other hand, people always think that because the bird did not do something for a number of years, it will never do it - and that's simply not true.
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