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Exchange information about how to teach specific tricks to parrots. Most of these techniques should apply to all bird species. Share your success stories.


Postby Cockatielsongs » Wed Jul 18, 2012 4:57 am

My sister owns a 1 year old albino budgie which we got from a breeder for free (she was perfectly healthy so don't worry) she wasn't tame when we got her and is still working on not biting (she is not cuddly or PERFECTLY tame) anyways this april I purchased a young cockatiel (not sure of the exact age but he is about only 6-8 months old) I'm a bit protective over him so I wasn't sure how to introduce them to each other. First I kept my 'tiel's cage away from hers for about 30 days then when my 'tiel was comfortable with his new life I put the cages next to each other. Both birds were fine next to each other and sometimes my 'tiel would tilt his head towards my sisters budie when she chirped and chirped back. One day my sister had her budgie stand on the sofa and I put my 'tiel on the sofa too (not right next to each other but there is a distance between them) they started edging closer to each other and when my 'tiel wandered over to her I was relieved because they weren't really doing anything to each other when my sister's budgie lunged out to bite at my 'tiel! (Don't worry I didn't let any bird get bitten) I could tell my 'tiel was frightened so I took him out of sight of the budgie. Then a day or two later I came to my 'tiel cage to find my sister's budgie inside his cage lunging out to bite if he took any step! I took her out immediately and reassured my 'tiel. :greycockatiel:
Is there any way that my 'tiel and my sister's budgie will get along?

And now my sister's budgie whom is usually sweet to my sister is now 'untame' so my sister is starting from scratch (beginning of taming) but it's hard to tame her budgie again because she bites so viciously that its WAY more harder and painful then my 'tiel's. My sister tries not to be scared because she doesn't want to be tempted to give up on her budgie. Any advise? :budgie:
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Postby liz » Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:44 am

Cockatiels are layed back, cuddly and loving. I have found that Lovies, Pearletts and Budgies are not. My Amazons are afraid of them.

When my Tiels and Lovies are out with room to fly they get along. But not caged together.
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Postby laducockatiel » Fri Jul 27, 2012 8:29 am

liz wrote:Cockatiels are layed back, cuddly and loving.

True :thumbsup:
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