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Tiki dies at 43

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Tiki dies at 43

Postby Pajarita » Thu Feb 13, 2020 10:43 am

which is actually young for a scarlet macaw. Owner says she was getting old (not at 43, she wasn't) and that she kept on losing weight but they do not say what killed her. Now, I do not know if she was taken to the vet or not, or if a necropsy was done but it seems to me that they should have mentioned the cause of death if they knew it because she lived and died in a store where other birds are sold and where people who keep birds come and go so the responsible thing would have been not only to find out the cause of death but also to let the public know what it was. But, without knowing anything else but what was mentioned on the article, I think that, most likely, it was liver failure because she was free-fed seeds or pellets (birds in pet stores don't get lots of produce on a daily basis and, sometimes, not ever). ... ies-at-45/
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