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Parrot/dog psychology

Chat about general parrot care and parrot owner lifestyle. Bird psychology, activities, trimming, clipping, breeding etc.

Parrot/dog psychology

Postby CandaceC » Tue Jul 05, 2022 12:23 pm

Strange little mystery here, relating to bird/dog cohabitation.

I have a 7lb. Poodle who is 8 years old. She’s always been very diligent in barking at the neighbors, children walking through the yard, backyard neighbors mowing grass and the ice maker in the fridge. Yep, a real noisy girl! And the only pet in the house.
Recently, I brought home Izzy, a 4 mos old, Quaker. I was very conscious about introducing them to one another.. Izzy’s cage is up off the floor, so I would pick up Pepper, the dog, and allow them to sniff/inspect each other through the bars. The first few days Pepper was very curious and would bark at Izzy every time he would make a peep. Within a few days, Izzy became comfortable enough in his surroundings to start being a typical Quaker and began serenading us with a round or two of screaming, a couple of times a day.

Here’s where the mystery comes in…. Pepper now completely ignores the bird, AND has completely quit barking, even at the things that normally set her off! Not a peep. The only time she barks now is when someone actually comes to the door.

Has Pepper decided that Izzy makes enough noise for both of them, so doesn’t bother? Has Pepper decided that Izzy now has the “watch dog” duties and relinquished them? ANY idea what’s going on, cause I really don’t have a clue!

Also, just to ease any bird lover’s fears, Pepper goes in her crate willingly during “birdie time” and is relegated to the closed bedroom whenever I am gone from the house. I’d never take the chance of having unsupervised contact..
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Re: Parrot/dog psychology

Postby Pajarita » Wed Jul 06, 2022 9:33 am

Hmmm... I really don't know why Pepper no longer barks all the time but, if I were you, I would not look a gift horse in the mouth :lol: I have 2 'yappers' (one of them is a maltipoo), and I would be ecstatic if they finally stopped barking at everything!

I would not worry too much over their relationship. I have a lot of dogs and cats and they are all fine together. Granted that they've all been supervised all the time but even when the birds are walking around on the floor, all the dogs ever do is smell them - and then, only a few of them because most of them have become so used to having birds around that they simply ignore them.
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Re: Parrot/dog psychology

Postby KeelanLamb » Thu Mar 02, 2023 7:29 am

It sounds like Pepper has had a positive change in behavior, and that's always a good thing. As for the dogs and birds coexisting, it's great that they've learned to tolerate each other. If you're interested in adding another dog to the mix, you might want to consider looking into poodle puppies. Good luck with everything!
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