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Pionus- incessant clucking/honking

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Re: Pionus- incessant clucking/honking

Postby Pajarita » Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:14 am

It seems your conure has an eating disorder common to birds that were not weaned properly. Namely, they always want more food even when they are full and this makes them not only overeat but also complain or beg all the time. I suggest you feed her gloop and lots of fresh produce in the mornings, instead of pellets. Let me explain why. Pellets are like astronaut food, dry and concentrated, so they occupy less space and parrots (whose 'hunger' is determined by how full or how empty their crop is) end up consuming more calories and protein eating them than if they were eating fresh food (because of the much, much higher water content in it -think of dry versus wet sawdust). Aside from this, parrots were created to eat raw food all the time (even the seeds they eat are fresh and not dried - their natural diet is 85 to 95% water while pellets are a maximum of 10%). Gloop is made of cooked grains and chopped produce and the cooking of the grains doesn't only make them easier to digest but it also saturates them with water (think of rice and how one cup becomes three after you cook it). I feed as much gloop to all my birds as they want to eat and even the ones that cannot fly are not overweight.
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