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Chance won't stop yelling

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Chance won't stop yelling

Postby GreenWing » Wed Jan 25, 2017 9:21 am

Ah, Chance. I love her so much, but man. She's a meanie in the morning.

I need some help with this. Before, Chance would yell for me if I was out of sight in another room. Now, she yells at me as I sit in front of her at the computer watching YouTube. I mean, yelling "STEP UP! NOW!" non-stop and then screeching at me and yelling some more at me. I get called a b!^%$ if I tell her to stop or "sshhhh"

Is Chance just wanting me to look at her beauty all day long and not dare look at something else? The yelling starts as soon as I turn on the light and won't stop unless I look at her.

I'm wondering if this is normal noisy bird behavior, but this yelling is before sunrise and I'm right in front of her so it's not contact calling. Honestly, I'd like to reduce the yelling, I like my coffee and YouTube but Chance wants none of it.

I'd like some help with this. Thanks...
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Re: Chance won't stop yelling

Postby Wolf » Thu Jan 26, 2017 6:33 am

I guess that Kookooloo does pretty much the same thing with me that chance is doing with you. My lady and I are up at about 4:30 am, she to get ready for work and I have to start taking my meds around 5. This means that the dining room light comes on. Kookooloo is ok with this and with my Lady being up and moving about in the other room as it is still pretty dark in the living room. But make no doubt about it she is awake and watching. I get up and get my coffee and sit in the living room in the dark. Shortly after that Kookooloo begins calling for me. she does this for only a short time as long as I do not answer. I sit quietly in the dark sipping my coffee and popping my pills and then start my laptop to check out the forum and although by this time my Lady has left and the dining room light is off and the laptop is turned away from the birds, this stats another short session of Kookooloo calling to me. It passes very quickly until the sun starts to come up and then as long as Kookooloo is still in her cage she calls out non stop to me.

Once it is dawn, Kookooloo calls and calls for me, it gets pretty intense if I leave the room for any reason such as going to the bathroom or once I collect all of the food and water dishes to clean and refill them. But during the morning servicing of their food and water dishes, I can't let her out to ride around with me while I do this because I have little Keeta the parrotlet on my shoulder helping me until all of the food and water has been delivered. Shortly after that and before full light I have to leave for over half of the day for treatments, which thankfully, for now, are almost over. This has also had the added effect on Kookooloo that she is plucking her feathers again. She has now gotten used to this and the plucking has dropped down to just a little, but she still looks like she needs feathers , which she does.

After turning on her favorite music station and telling her bye bye, be good, I will get home as soon as I can I leave. When I get home and get out of the car I can hear her calling to me as I walk to the house. From this point on if she is not out of the cage she calls and calls and screams for me, If I talk to her while getting out of my cold clothes she will drop down to talking and singing and dancing for me and then she is free and on my hand. She eats a couple of almonds and then she is ready to either go onto her rope which is mounted in the ceiling at the end of the sofa just far enough away that she does not poop on the sofa and all is good as long as I remain where she can see me.

Because of what my schedule has been of late I have tried to leave her in her cage a bit longer on the weekends, but that just sparks her to call and scream for me constantly, so no go. But as long as she is out of her cage where she can see me and interact if she chooses then she is a very happy bird and either just relaxes or sings to me or tries out new words and phrases and dances on the rope for me.

I never yell at her or try to make her shut up, I just talk to her and whistle for her, she also whistles for me through all of what I have described as well. she gets fairly loud if I am home but she can't see me, but as long as she sees me and I respond to her by talking to he and let her out of the cage she is good with just about everything.

I don't know if you will find anything useful to you in your situation, but this is what goes on with my Grey in our home and how I respond to it all, maybe something in the story will help you.
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Re: Chance won't stop yelling

Postby Pajarita » Thu Jan 26, 2017 12:53 pm

My greys don't yell but they are both hormonal right now and VERY demanding. Especially Sophie CAG who would grab my hair, clothes, hands or fingers to bring me to her so she can climb on me and cuddle on my chest (she hangs on to my clothes so she can get her head under my chin) and coo softly while I scratch her head and cheeks - which would be fine with me if she did not insist on staying there for two hours! My normal schedule always goes out of whack during her hormonal times because I have to spend sooooo much more time with her! Thankfully, this doesn't last more than a month or so. My advice to you is be strict with the solar schedule so this doesn't last long and just put up with it trying, as much as possible to satisfy her need for closeness - that's what I do.
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Re: Chance won't stop yelling

Postby liz » Fri Jan 27, 2017 6:55 am

I don't need to get up at 5am but that is the quiet time. Both make all kind of racket until they are served in the morning. Rainbow is hormonal and I have an awful time walking away from her.

I have reduced the morning and evening to just one nut each in case I need to give one in the middle of the day. Some times a piece of popcorn works.
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