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abandoned babies?

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abandoned babies?

Postby vikkirikki » Tue Mar 21, 2017 4:21 am

I have two pairs of lovebirds. one of the pairs has been nesting. they have two babies that are about 5 weeks old. the birds got a fright this afternoon and the mother bird has been behaving strangely since then. she is acting like she hasnt seen the nestbox before and like she is scared to go in. she keeps looking in. she did eventually go in but appeared to ignore the babies. and went to sleep outside the nestbox. the father bird is acting more normally. i am really worried the mother bird has stopped looking after her babies :swaying: what should i do. please help :danicing:
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Re: abandoned babies?

Postby liz » Tue Mar 21, 2017 5:16 am

When the mom and grandmom quit feeding my baby cockatiel he came out of the nest and looked for food. Sometimes they would feed him but most of the time I had to. Then a male decided he would be it's nanny.
At their age you can at least see their mouths to feed them.

I did not write down when he was born. I will have to go back into the Rambo thread to get it. He is not normal. He grew flight feathers while he was still bald. Even now he does not have spikes but fuzz and flight feathers that he knows how to use.

Good luck. You just have to feed it until it can feed itself. Even then you have to supplement his diet with feedings.
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Re: abandoned babies?

Postby Pajarita » Tue Mar 21, 2017 12:31 pm

There is very little you can do, my dear. I would cover the back half of the cage (a large towel, a blanket or a crib quilt do the trick very well) and make sure the birds are kept calm and quiet (no noises, no sudden movements, no touching the babies or even putting your hand in their cage, etc. just peace and quiet and no staring at them, either) and put a couple of bowls or dishes with warm soft food in there to 'tempt' the mother. Also, make sure you keep the cage extra warm (heating pad on the bottom) and that you have handfeeding formula and appropriate syringes or pipettes to help with the feedings in case the mother has completely abandoned them. My lovebirds are sitting on five infertile (hardboiled) eggs right now (their second clutch of the season -I don't believe in breeding parrots) and she comes out every morning to fly around so, apparently, it's not as if they feel the need to sit real tight on the nest like other species (canaries, for example).
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