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My Eclectus Squawks/whines only at me

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My Eclectus Squawks/whines only at me

Postby Brokuto » Thu Dec 21, 2017 3:39 am

hi guys, so im new to the forum and to bird ownership, doing research only goes so far once you have them :')

my dilemma is that my Eclectus, Mace, Squawks and whines when he realises im in the room and it only changes if i have him on my wrist/lap or shoulder after 10 or so mins, not screaming though.

He's about 4 months old, still on the formula in the evenings but gets veg and fruits throughout the day. there are currently three of us living in the apartment and he has 3 different attitudes with all of us.

Me - squawking and whining unless he been sitting with me for a while then he calms down.

my flatmate who works from home - Flatmate has mace out of the cage most of the day unless he goes out, hes quiet unless hes eating

and my other flatmate who works 9-5 - hes really quiet around her, doesn't really acknowledge her presence at all.

I knew in getting Mace things wouldnt be quiet, but my flatmates seem to be trying to urge me to see a behaviourist about this and i figured i would reach out before that. Im mostly chalking it down as he's still a baby and seeing me as his primary caregiver but theyre worried it will be ingrained in his personality if we dont fix whatever problem it could be.
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Re: My Eclectus Squawks/whines only at me

Postby Pajarita » Thu Dec 21, 2017 10:56 am

I think you are correct. He is still a baby and, in the wild, he would be with his parents and a sibling or two 24/7/365. Baby birds are never alone, not for a single second - they are nice and cozy in their dark nest and only come out when they are older. That's the way Nature decreed they should develop to the point that exposing them to light actually damages their vision but, unfortunately, in captivity, we deprive them of this hard-wired need, take them out to the light before their eyes are properly developed and leave them alone for hours and hours in a cage... Think of a human baby - if left alone and awake, the baby will cry and cry until somebody pays attention to it or, better still, picks it up, right? Well, baby birds need the same as human babies and it seems that he has chosen you as his parent so, of course, everything in his body and mind tells him that he should be touching you all the time - that's why he cries.
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