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Trees safe for parrots?

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Trees safe for parrots?

Postby GreenWing » Sun Jun 03, 2018 11:16 am

I'm working in another city, and still getting settled. I'm trying to help "status-quo" Chance adjust more comfortably. So far she REALLY likes the bigger window where she's getting a lot of sun and watching people walk by (my house up north also has a big window but there a lot of trees in front of it... Chance actually seems happy to people-watch).

The only problem is I think she misses her play orb, which hung from the ceiling. Since we're renting a little place we can't use the orb, it's messy and would just cause problems. I've been looking into a tree for Chance to enjoy, and I love the manzanita trees but they're mega expensive.

What other kinds of trees could work, that can be indoor?

Chance and I would appreciate it.

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Re: Trees safe for parrots?

Postby Michael » Sun Jun 03, 2018 2:21 pm

I’m not sure you will find anything cheap because it’s just expensive to make and ship a parrot tree stand. There are a few inexpensive plastic ones but that is just lame. Personally I never liked Manzanita because of how smooth and slippery it is.

I ended up coming up with my own line of bird trees and stands because I couldn’t find what I wanted. The good news is that since they are all part of a series, you can let your parrot get used to the perches on their own time in the cage. Put a NU Perch in the cage for a while and then when it comes time to use one of my Training Perches, Scale, Window Perch, Tabletop, or Tree, the bird is already familiar with the wood and not scared.

You can’t order a natural parrot tree online cause you never know what you’ll get. Each one is different from the picture and the one you end up with will probably be the weird one with downward dropping branches the bird can’t go on.

Another major issue with natural trees is that the bird will usually just sit on top and poop on all the branches beneath. Luckily on my NU perch trees the perches can be removed for easy cleaning and replaced somewhere that is not the bird’s favorite pooping spot!

And of course all of my NU Perch products are totally safe! They are built with parrot safety in mind from the bottom up! Bird safe wood, stainless steel hardware, no paint. Even the border on the base is untreated. I've seen other birds bite off pieces of the base border on other trees so I opted to make it safer rather than nicer by not painting it.

For a Grey the best choices are Medium, Perfect, or Tabletop Tree.


Perfect Tree

You can also try a Tabletop Perch

Or a Tabletop Tree
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Re: Trees safe for parrots?

Postby Pajarita » Mon Jun 04, 2018 9:44 am

I am with Michael, I do NOT like manzanita. It is indestructible so it lasts a good long time and it's easy to wash but I don't like how smooth or hard it is... it might have the right shape for a branch but it definitely does not have all the other 'good' things that a branch should have -and that includes the parrot's ability to chew on it! I wait until after a storm and collect branches from my backyard trees -and I also have two neighbors that 'save' theirs and bring them over for my birds. I have found that natural branches are the best solution for my birds and me. I just tie them to the cage and, as they are free, I just change the old ones for new ones by simply cutting through the rope I use to tie them to the cage. Easy peasy lemon squeezy - and free!
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