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Kakariki Help!

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Kakariki Help!

Postby MrShinyAbra » Sun Aug 19, 2018 12:05 pm

My boyfriend recently moved in with his pet Kakariki. I have never taken care of a bird before, but from what I've read up on I do believe this one was neglected. To start things off, Pd is highly territorial of his cage and will lunge at anything put close. Pd has never left the cage he came in for the 15 years hes owned him, except for when he escaped a couple times. The cage size is 1ft x 1ft. I am trying to tame him and its proving to be quite difficult as he will either attack or freak out. Is there any suggestions to help as I try to better Pd's life? :(
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Re: Kakariki Help!

Postby liz » Mon Aug 20, 2018 6:21 am

Ignore him. Open his cage door and be around him and talking so he can get used to your presents. Talk to him, sing to him or read a book out load to him. Leave him alone. He will come to you when he is ready. Limit cleaning his cage. Always keep palm down when in his cage. Put a perch up at face level. He is afraid. Mostly afraid of hands but will accept faces as not harmful.
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Re: Kakariki Help!

Postby Pajarita » Mon Aug 20, 2018 9:39 am

Oh, geez, poor little thing! What a terrible life for a little aviary bird! All alone in a small cage...Thank you so very much for taking pity on him and trying to make his life a bit better. Now, you can go two ways about this: 1] is to try to tame him which can be done but will take a loooong time and a lot of work. And, even when and if this is achieved, his life will still not be as good as he would like it. And 2] you can make him happy from day one by getting him a large flight cage and a mate.

Let me explain. Kakarikis are aviary birds. They are hardly ever hand-fed because they are small and it's a lot of work and, in the long run, it doesn't even work that well because they are not companion parrots, they are aviary parrots [this means that they will never be truly happy without having the company of another of their own species]. It's the way nature made them and no reflection on their owner. Now, just because a bird has a mate, it doesn't mean that it cannot trust and love us - they can and we can have excellent relationships with them. It's only that they can never develop the kind of deep bond with a human that would kind of/sort of compensate for not having a bird companion/mate.

My recommendation to you is to make him happy first by:
a] putting him in a nice, flight cage
b] getting him a mate and
c] giving him adequate care [strict solar schedule, good fresh food diet, supplements, etc]

Once he is doing well, you can start slowly working toward getting his trust and love.
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