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Funky Feathers

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Funky Feathers

Postby Tikithemacaw » Sat May 04, 2019 11:22 pm

Hi, I have a 3 year old Blue and Gold Macaw named Tiki. Some of her feathers are weird and choppy like she is nibbling on them. I've only had her for around 3 months. When I got her, her feathers were like that but since then as they've like grown or whatever they've gotten worse. She seems happy, she has a bunch of toys and stuff and I pay her alot of attention so idk what's up. I'm going to try to attach a pic but I've never used this thing before so idk if it will work.
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Re: Funky Feathers

Postby Pajarita » Sun May 05, 2019 8:53 am

Welcome to the forum! I can't tell for sure without seeing a picture but, going by your description, it sounds as if your bird is barbering. And, I am sorry to say, that is NOT a good thing in a bird that is not even an adult yet because it indicates some serious problem when the bird was a baby. I am not talking disease here (although I highly recommend you rule it out with a completely physical because it could be), I am talking either mishandling or, most likely, stress from not being fed right. It happens a lot with macaws because breeders sell them as 'weaned' and people see a baby macaw so big that they think it's grown and that it can eat adult food without a problem when macaws should be handfed until they are 8 or 9 months old and offered two different kinds of soft food served warm and fresh twice a day. Most people don't know this and don't do it thereby causing terrible emotional stress in a baby that is going hungry and without the comfort of being fed by mommy or daddy. It does things to their heads...
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