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For adopting and integrating new little ones

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For adopting and integrating new little ones

Postby BerlinKhan » Mon Aug 19, 2019 3:01 pm

Hello everyone,,
I've been thinking a lot lately about adopting another bird or a pair of them. I live alone with a yellow-nape Amazon. The three main reasons for this are 1) I'd love to give a home to an unwanted bird, 2) I'll be working outside the house soon and think it would be nice for my parrot to have some company, and 3) I like birds and wish I could have 100! I'm not planning on going through with this anytime soon, especially since I'll be moving soon and finding new work, so there will be enough adjustment to deal with. Just asking questions for future reference!

As I mentioned above, I love birds and would love to have a cockatoo, but I don't think it would be fair for my Amazon for me to adopt a bird as needy as a cockatoo, at least not while I'm single and living alone. I'm already spoken for! So I was thinking it would make sense for me to adopt a pair of birds. Small birds. Of course, there are lots of questions that come with that possibility. First off, is it ever a good idea to adopt a pair of birds if you don't want them to mate? What about getting two birds of the same gender? Are they less likely to get along, or is it common for people to have same-sex pairs? And what if I were to adopt two individual birds with the aim of eventually housing them together, any words of wisdom about that? I'm aware of the need to quarantine and everything, but I suppose I'm just wondering if anyone has any general advice on these topics.
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My Amazon hasn't had much experience with other birds. When I lived with my parents, she spent time with my mom's Pionus, but the Pionus bullied her and they never really got along. She's fairly sociable with people, though, and was never the instigator of problems with my mom's bird. Are there any particular species of birds that seem more likely to get along with Amazons, and vice-versa? I think lovebirds are absolutely adorable, but admittedly I know very little about them.

Sorry for the long string of questions! I'm really just looking for any words of wisdom on this, and to hear from people who have multiple birds, as I don't know anyone with birds.
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Re: For adopting and integrating new little ones

Postby Pajarita » Tue Aug 20, 2019 9:54 am

It's good of you to do research before making a final decision - things always work out better when we think them out prior doing them :D

Now, for a female amazon, the best companion you can give her and the easiest for you is to get another female amazon. In reality, for her, the best would be an adult male amazon of the same species but male zons that bond to females can become very aggressive during breeding season (or all year round if you don't feed them right and keep them to a strict solar schedule) and female zons like and even love other females so, in my personal experience, that's would be the ideal situation for you and your bird. A smaller bird or a pair of them is not going to do much in terms of company for your bird - they would not be able to actually bond and you could not keep them in the same cage together when you are not home.

I have two pairs of zons, one is a male/female pair of Yellow Napes and the other is a two female pair of a Blue Front and a Yellow Crown. Personally, I have no problem with the male/female pair but that's because they live cage-free in their own room and I really do not interact physically with them (just verbally and giving them a treat in their beak now and then) but I am also the only one that can go into the birdroom during breeding season without having the male watch me like a hawk and attack as soon as I walk close to their 'nest' (he used to but he no longer does it) - even my husband doesn't go in there without them getting locked in their cage (they do have a cage, they just use only for when my husband needs to repair the room). But the two female pair is wonderful! They love one another and spend all their time close to each other - one preens the other (too much! Mami always ends up plucking Naida's chest and nape all the time), they eat and sleep together, etc. And, even when they are nesting, they never attack. Mami sings, talks, whistles, etc while Naida is more reserved but they are both very sweet-tempered and easy going.
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