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Vernal equinox

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Vernal equinox

Postby Pajarita » Fri Mar 20, 2020 10:20 am

I usually post about the equinox and the solstice on the Health section but I've been thinking that the Parrot Care forum is more appropriate for these things because they not only affect health and diet, they encompass a wider range of effects on the care we give our parrots.

The vernal equinox of this year fell on March 18 and that's when I start (GRADUALLY and SLOWLY) changing the diet from the resting season (aka winter) to the breeding season (spring and part of summer). I start adding sprouts to their diet and increase protein levels in their diets. For my part, I bought the soaking/sprouting mix last Saturday and started a batch today (will be ready in three or four days), I also bought a different seed mix for the caiques and the conures (they get ABBA 1600 -budgie seed mix- during the winter but they will now get ABBA 1200) and a bag of hemp seed to add to the bigger species mix (ABBA 1600C plus nuts). BUT, the other thing to take into consideration is that they start with breeding behaviors! I know that there is advice out there saying to eliminate anything that might 'promote' nesting but, in truth, this does not stop the hormones from flowing and all it does is exasperate the animal in its frustration of not being abe to do what the body is asking it to do (chew - chew - chew and prepare a nest). I have found that it's easier on them AND me if I do give them the stuff so more boxes, more chewing toys, more wood, etc. And more care about approaching bonded pairs! They do what they need to do so they are happy and don't scream - and leave my furniture, curtains, moldings, etc AND ears alone which makes me happy. ... 3-40378997
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