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Rescues lack knowledge of good care

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Rescues lack knowledge of good care

Postby Pajarita » Thu Apr 30, 2020 9:54 am

Look at this story. A budgie is found, given to a rescue and posted for adoption with a 'spacious' cage that is only 16 H x 23.5 W X 15 D - I wouldn't keep a single finch in a cage that small!

And examples of bad care from rescues is all over the place... rescues that adopt out single parrots to people who work full time, who lie about the bird's age (they make them appear older because people love to adopt old parrots), who tell prospective adopters that an aviary bird is fine by itself, who give and recommend bad diets, who NEVER tell them about avian photoperiodism, and let's not forget the sanctuary in NC tornado country which keeps the parrots in outdoor aviaries because the birds 'know how to weather them', etc. etc. etc. SHAME ON THEM! ... ts-rescue/
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