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Aluminum Kings Cage

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Aluminum Kings Cage

Postby Michael » Wed Apr 02, 2014 3:13 pm

Aluminum Kings Cage

Article about assembling my new cages for Kili & Truman as they move to the new house. Check out the two videos. One shows the general assembly steps and the other runs you through the full process in fast motion.
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Re: Aluminum Kings Cage

Postby audys » Sat Jul 26, 2014 3:52 pm

I have 2 aluminum bird cages (one large, one travel) purchased directly from Kings Cages in February 2014. The cages come with plastic feeder bowls that hang over the top of the feeder door. The only way to get the bowls in and out is to open the feeder door. The feeder doors are secured with U shaped plastic feeder door locks. After only 18 WEEKS of use, all 3 feeder door locks cracked & broke on my aluminum cage and no longer lock. The bird can slide the lock open from the inside since the plastic parts no longer lock. The feeder door locks cannot be replaced because the company is out of these parts.

Over the last month, I have communicated with Kings Cages many times by phone and email. They did send me 3 new plastic door locks but are not able to offer any reasonable long term solution. They even sent me a video of how to change the plastic cage door locks with a person’s voice saying “we don't have it anymore”.

I have used Kings Cages powder coated cages for over a decade but these aluminum cages are a huge disappointment. They advertise excellent customer service but my customer service experience with Kings Cages has been poor because they are slow to respond and do not answer my questions. Save yourself the frustration and look for a cage without plastic door locks!
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