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Pajarita's update

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Re: Pajarita's update

Postby Pajarita » Mon Dec 18, 2017 12:37 pm

I've been meaning to comment on this and I keep on forgetting. Javi has completely different vocalization sounds than all the other medium size parrots. Now, all species have their own kind of vocalizations but aside from the small species that have more chattering and chirping than anything else and the very large ones that have screams that make your brain rattle inside your head, the medium size ones have similar calls in terms of the actual sounds they make but Javi's are not like theirs at all! While the others use sounds like Ks and Rs and Ps or Bs, he uses mostly SH sounds... one of them sounds like Thank you in Chinese and another one sounds like he is saying Precioso [precious] the way a Spanish person would say it in baby talk, changing the S sound for a SH and eliminating the R - like 'peshosho'. And he LOVES it when I call him Peshosho :lol: He also makes a sound like a hard hissing but not out of anger at all... it's actually the most common sound he makes. Interesting, isn't it?!
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