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Study found birds make us happy

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Study found birds make us happy

Postby Pajarita » Thu Mar 18, 2021 11:05 am

This is not a parrot tale per se but more of a human/parrot tale

AHA!!! As I have always stated, being surrounded by birds make us happy. This study was done mainly about songbirds (and, again, as I have always stated, as far as I am concerned, a house is not a home unless there is a canary singing in it) but I know that, for me at least, it works with all kinds of birds. I can be down for whatever reason and all I have to do is go to my birds and INSTANTLY my spirits lift. I have three happy hours (not really hours as in 60 minutes but periods of time) during my day and the first and -without a doubt!- the best one of the day is early in the am when I am done with my dogs and cats (I get up before dawn to have this done by the time there is sufficient light for the birds) and I go to the birds. I turn on my music (taking requests from Mami who has two favorite singers: Patsy Cline -country- and Victoria Lynch -tango) and start cleaning the cages and interacting with them and this allows me to start my day completely happy. ... 32673.html
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