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Postby RichL001 » Mon Jul 26, 2010 2:37 pm

Hi all!

Thought i would up date you all about Jeeves,

He has had a limp since i first got him home, I thought that maybe he had bruised his leg when he kept jumping off his perch so i decided to watch him myself for a week to see if it improved over the week.

Unfortunately for Jeeves, it has not got better, so i took him to the vets today (26/07/2010) to see what the problem was.

According to the vet, Jeeves has calcium deficiency as he did not have enough natural light to help him grow. This means the blood is clotting slightly in his foot, and isnt allowing him to be able to use it properly. He is able to climb up and down his cage, but he cannot grip with his foot fully. The deficiency means that his right foot (problem foot) is slightly smaller than his left foot.

He is now on some small medication to help his leg, but i have been asked to take him out of the cage twice a day to bath his leg in a warm flannel, this will help him get the blood flow back in his foot again.

I have decided to do some research to find a perch that is heated, to help his leg even more, I have come across a perch called a 'Thermo Perch' but it is only available from the USA, and as i live in the UK, it dont think they will supply a perch with the correct plug socket!

If anyone has found other perches that are the same or other products that might help, or possibly the same perch that can be used in the UK, can you let me know!!!

Much Appreciated!!

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