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I'm Marita and I'm cooking for my birds

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I'm Marita and I'm cooking for my birds

Postby Papageien Bäckerei » Mon Oct 20, 2014 10:11 am

Dear my parrot friends,

I am the founder of the German 'Parrot Bakery' and have already published the first cookbook for parrots and parakeets in Germany in 2007. Now finally there is the first small e-book "Feathered Gourmets - Healthy Cooking for parrots and parakeets" in English.

I am happy if you would introduce our book in your forum.
Here you can pre-order the book: ... se_p_img_2

We live with 6 grey parrots, which have their own room to fly and play.

kind regards
Marita Grabowski
Papageien Bäckerei
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