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Hello from Ohio.

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Hello from Ohio.

Postby ohio.parrot » Sat Oct 10, 2009 3:33 pm

Darling Michael found my youtube video's and asked me to join this new forum.
Of course since I love parrots, I couldn't say no.
Our family has been very wide ranged from rescues & fosters to our own personal family.

I do not have flighted birds <as Ive seen alot of you here do *Kuddos*> mine are all clipped and allowed flight for a few months at least 1x a year. I have a deep love for parrots, I have 0 tolerance for anyone doing hurtful things -- and Im 100% about educating anyone wanting/willing to learn. So they can have a true parrot experience also <which is beautiful>

As of right now we have 3 parrots -
Suki <green quaker> He was the 1st parrot I choose to own. I was fostering for a rescue in Indiana, helped out with several species & decided a "Q" was for me! He is a show stopper, hes been the smartest bird Ive seen <personally come though & spend time in my home> He isnt a cuddlier, or really one for play <which is very diffrent from what I see alot of "Q"s as> He loves to talk & sing! He just turned 4 this past March, I got him when he was 6 weeks old & finished weaning him. I loved feeding my buddy & watching im blossom into what he is today.
May'len <Black headed caique> She is my roommates bird. He choose her specie's after I researched about them & found a local breeder had a 6 month old no one was buying. So the price was lowered, we meet her & Brian fell in love. She isnt a typical Caique <imo> either, She isnt full of energy like I see others, she doesn't love scratches. She says "Step up" and thats about it, gives lots of kiss's & laughs like a mad woman =0) She also turned 4 this past march.
Then there's My Makala <Catalina Macaw, Hybird of Scarlet & Blue n Gold> She was app. 4 weeks old when I got her. The breeder was going to put her down because of some disabilities she had <which the breeder then had no serious idea of what it was. Just that she wasnt going to put time or money into her knowing no one would pay "what shes worth"> Since ive had her, we've found out she has scoliosis <the same as in humans> with a deformity at the "hip & knee" She was taken to several avian certified & 2 parrot structure specialist to see if she could be "helped" Most said yes, but not until a year old. When they felt she could go under anesthesia. Well, with the support of other parrot owner's Ive allowed her to bloom into what she is. We op'ted not to amputate, or have any type of surgery even at the year mark. Shes so special, now going on 5 months <still on 2 feedings a day> she is challenging in the aspects of finding special ways for her to do some things. Her biggest task is eating!
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Re: Hello from Ohio.

Postby Natacha » Sat Oct 10, 2009 5:38 pm

Hi and welcome!

Looking forward to hearing more about you and your birds. Do you have any pictures to share?
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Re: Hello from Ohio.

Postby MissLady9902 » Sat Oct 10, 2009 5:51 pm

Greetings and welcome!!

Busy beaks are quiet beaks!

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