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New to this and have a question!

New to the parrot forum? Introduce yourself and your flock to us.

Re: New to this and have a question!

Postby abril1111 » Thu Mar 09, 2017 9:57 pm

thank you for the tips! I do limit his in take in all the unhealthy stuff! I never thought of baby food or pumpkin! the organic veggie chips will be a nice treat for him to! I bet he'd like them a lot! thanks again and ill let you know how it goes!
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Re: New to this and have a question!

Postby liz » Fri Mar 10, 2017 7:09 am

Watch out for iron content. I don't remember why but I was told by Paj that it could make them very sick. Protien causes increase in hormones which note only changes the personality of your bird but causes him physical pain. Most are not very nice when they are hormonal.

Rambo and Myrtle like to eat with me. I separate a portion on my plate before I add salt and butter for them. (somehow it tastes better if it comes from my plate) Because I enjoy my food Rainbow and Myrtle will try anything I put on their plate. I have had to teach them the word "mine" for when I am eating something that they can not have. They know "wait a minute" means they will get it soon. "Mine" means no matter how much begging they are just not going to get any. They usually accept "mine" and go to eat their food while I am eating.

The Cockatiels used to have Sweetie (RIP) who was adventurous and the first to try something new. She taught the others to eat their veggies. I still have 3 of the original 4 but without Sweetie they are only eating their favorites and not teaching the others. The later rescues only eat celery leaves. (I put the celery in water like getting it to root then put it in the window. It turns the leaves very dark green) Because Tweet has a baby I have been giving her and Jackie soft foods to eat. The others visit and watch Jackie eat peas, plain applesauce, grapes cut in half and plain oatmeal. Jackie started eating these food because they were easy to eat and feed to the baby. To give Jackie soft foods with her seed supper I add "Health Nut" bread which is full of seed and nuts. The others are learning from Jackie what is good to eat.
They can be healthy and live their lives on people food if you follow the no additives, no fat and no processed foods. I give the Amazons an unsalted pistachio to eat while I prepare their breakfast. I give them an almond still in the shell then give them their seed. Sometimes the almond is the only thing they want and go back to their breakfast food.
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