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Hello from Australia

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Hello from Australia

Postby thangtamfive » Tue Aug 01, 2017 7:39 am


So my son has an approx 3mth old rainbow lorikeet, named Nguyen Tam

He is very very loud alot, he is on wet mixture twice a day, lots of water to drink and play in, has toys, loves orange and apple & has a nibble on beans and carrot also, trying today with sunflower kernals and pepitas.

Doesnt like to be handled and bites really hard.

Wanting to find out how we can get the best out of him, train him and have him so we can walk outside with him etc. Any suggestions about anything would be awesome! :-)

Thanks heaps
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Re: Hello from Australia

Postby Pajarita » Tue Aug 01, 2017 9:33 am

Welcome to the forum, Thang! Now, before anything else, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't even think of feeding it seeds, nuts or pellets. These food items are not part of the natural diet of any lory species and will damage the highly specialized tongue they have with their hard edges which might result in your bird not being able to eat properly. You can ONLY feed soft and juicy items - that's it, nothing else!

As to the training... well, I am afraid that you have a misconception when it comes to lories. They are parrots and have the social tendencies of them as well as the high intelligence but they are also in a class by themselves and, usually, there is 'regular parrot people' and then there is 'lory people'. It's kind of a specialization among bird keepers because their temperament and needs are so completely different from companion or even aviary parrots to the point that they are never recommended for first time owners. Don't misunderstand me! They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL animals as well as affectionate, intelligent, amusing and proficient talkers but they are not really 'trainable' in terms of tricks or taking them out with you the way you could with, say, a cockatoo, an amazon, a conure because they are too flighty, they need to be kept in pairs and are escape artists. This, added to the fact that there is no high value item to use as reward for the training, constraints the range of activities as well as reduces drastically the already little control we can exert over 'regular' parrots. They are mostly birds to enjoy watching... Of course, it's recommended that the owner let them out every day for, at least, four or five hours of flight time, and they do love their humans so they will ride his/her shoulder and be always ready for a good scratch but people don't usually take them out of their cage -and that's why they require a LARGE flight cage- because they don't want poop all over the walls, floor, furniture, clothing, etc. They have very liquidy projectile poop and it ends up all over the place all the time...

Now, at three months of age, you still have a baby in your hands and babies are never trained but you could try identifying a fruit that he prefers so you can use it as a treat -it should not be a reward for doing anything as parrots are never trained while still babies, it should just be a gift, a token of friendship to endear you to the bird. The juicier the fruit, the more it will like it and, as it needs a large variety of them anyway, you might as well try to identify a favorite. They do need hours and hours and hours of company -another reason why people never keep them as a single bird- so that's something that you will need to put into your daily routine...

I am sorry that I am not able to help you with your specific requests but I am afraid that there is a misconception of the kind of expectations one could have with a lory...
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