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Please Please Please help Key West Parrots

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Please Please Please help Key West Parrots

Postby patti » Sun Sep 10, 2017 11:11 pm

Please please consider helping Nancy and the orphaned parrots at Nancy Forrester's Secret Garden in Key West. Back in 1960, Nancy bought 60 acres of untouched wilderness in the heart of Key West and fought hard to keep the land untouched until it was snatched from her by the invisible hand of capitalism a few years ago. During those 40 some years, people just kept dropping unwanted parrots at her doorstep. When she wouldn't accept any more birds, people put them in carriers and threw them over the fence in the middle of the night. She has all seven species of large macaws, a few smaller macaws, moulaccans, a weirdo hawkhead, bunch of conures, and others i am forgetting i am sure. They are all adorable, lived hard lives already, and they desperately need our help!

Nancy is amazing and she gives everything she has to those birds. I was already worried that she was giving too much. Now I am worried sick that she has lost her life, along with all of the birds that I am certain she would not have abandoned. When she lost most of her her land a few years ago (and the 503 status tied to that land), she and her 30+ parrots ended up in a two story wood frame house. I am worried sick. There was likely not time to evacuate. As we speak, she and her birds are likely facing rising waters and may not have a roof or protection from the winds. I have been in that house, and it is not built to survive 150mph winds. If the house is still there, it might not have a roof, and they may have to get all those birds on the second floor and pray they survive the surge. Some of those birds are not necessarily team players, so fights might break out. Or maybe some had to be released as the lesser evil. I can't bear to imagine what might have happened in the last 24 hours. Since Key West was not projected to face the eye or Irma, no one was prepared. I am hoping they are in their big cages in the nice big lobby of the conservatory, a concrete frame building where I know Mr. Peaches often liked to go. I am hoping the wildlife refuge helped her out, as there are many safer buildings on that island.

The roads are washed out. The weather in KW will clear up enough for air traffic soon, though airspace will still be hard to access. If anyone knows of anyone with the resources to help her, please do whatever you can. If you have a presence online or in the media, please pass the word. If you know an experienced and adventuresome pilot like harrison ford, or bird lovers like kurt russell and goldie hawn, or anyone else with resources (and ability to quickly gather public support) to save them, please help. I bet Arnold would drive his 2050 hovercraft turbo hummer across the gulf in a second just because it would be fun for a good cause. Santa will postpone golf and ride down with a sleigh full of bird toys, macadamias, and harrisons. People WILL help but they need to know she needs help! I could find a place for her flock personally or mobilize the resources of local bird rescues here to do so - but i am 2500 miles away in chico, ca. I have a relationship already with many of her birds and could help manage them if something were organized by someone with means. But I don't have a jet plane or sleigh or the slightest idea of what I can do to help other than post this message and hope someone passes it along until it lands in the lap of the right person.

Even if we can't help today, they will need help big time in the coming weeks as they pick up the pieces. Nancy has a new 503 now and you can donate online. Nancy is at 518 Elizabeth Street in Key West (33040). You can find her online at or on facebook as Orphaned Parrots at Nancy Forrester's Secret Garden. Her email is her first name underscore her lastname at yaHOO dot com. and her phone is three zero five two nine four 0015. But I don't expect her to be reachable by any means other than a knock at the front door for some time.
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Re: Please Please Please help Key West Parrots

Postby Pajarita » Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:06 am

I tried to find some news but I couldn't... there is nothing on her website or anywhere else. The only thing I can say is that they've been preparing for days, the airport was closed 5 days ago but they had been evacuating before that so I would think [and hope!] she found a place to shelter her birds.
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