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help from owners wanted

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help from owners wanted

Postby Colour Buddy » Sun Feb 04, 2018 10:57 am

I am writing a fictional story book concerning talking birds. This will be from a time where talking birds are used to educate children and used to entertain the very wealthy. The name I've given for a talking bird is called a 'Colour Buddy'. I am looking for bird owners that can create a video of their birds speaking the words 'I'm a Colour Buddy' or just Colour Buddy. This will all be part of the Colour Buddy Concept.

First part of the Colour Buddy Concept.: seventeen pieces of artwork given with copyright and world wide rights to charities. This is set in place now.

Second part of the Colour Buddy Concept: Creating Colour Buddy educational products. Half of all profits made will be invested back into society/community.

Third part of the Colour Buddy Concept: Created story book and characters. Evolution.
Colour Buddy > a person or animal that can bring happiness and laughter into your life.
Colour Buddy> a colourful personality that is a true friend > buddy.

Hope you can help
Michael Harman
The Colour Buddy Concept
Colour Buddy
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