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Hi everyone, newbie, I’m JJ. Looking for advice.

New to the parrot forum? Introduce yourself and your flock to us.

Hi everyone, newbie, I’m JJ. Looking for advice.

Postby Jeihoodie » Tue May 22, 2018 9:23 pm

Hi everyone!

This past December I was given two ggc’s purchased from a flea market and temporarily housed before I got them. I believe a dog stacked one of them during that transition time. But now I have them and they were very wary of me but do cautiously come to me when I have millet or fruit. No finger perching yet- a few nips to see if I’ll hurt them I suppose.

I have always had success bonding with birds because I always had one. Now I have two, they are together and now they are fully flighted.

My husband thinks I should clip their wings. I don’t know, they are curious and I want them to love me.

The first thing that is wrong in this scenario is that I bought a cage on let go that was actually for a macaw, I know.. duh. Really smart. So my birds know they can slip in and out of the bars. Aside from getting a new cage to control fly time. What can i do to engage and bond. Or should I actually clip and start from the beginning.. I know this is a life long commitment. Just need advice. :gcc: :gcc:
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Re: Hi everyone, newbie, I’m JJ. Looking for advice.

Postby Pajarita » Wed May 23, 2018 10:24 am

Welcome to the forum! Yes, the VERY first thing [and I do mean yesterday] you need to do is get them a proper flight cage because wide bar separation is not only a problem of the birds squeezing between them, it's actually dangerous as they can get stuck and get hurt and even killed.

Do NOT clip them. Clipping does nothing for taming and, if they are a bit distrustful now, it will be worse if you clip them because they will feel terribly vulnerable and insecure [they can't get away from danger]. Your problem with them is NOT that they can fly, it's that you have no control over whether they are coming or going.

Once you have them in a good cage and on a good diet [you can't free-feed protein food to GCCs and they need A LOT of fruit as they are mainly fruit eaters in the wild], it should be fairly easy to get them to bond with you by spending as many hours as you can with them in the same room, talking, singing, whistling to them and offering a nice treat from your fingers. A 'good' treat, as far as they are concerned, is some sort of protein food [like a little piece of a nut or a seed] but it doesn't work if they have protein food available all the time. Another plus of not free-feeding protein [aside from the health benefits] is that it's super easy to get them to go back into their cage :D
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