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New Blue and Gold Macaw owner adive

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New Blue and Gold Macaw owner adive

Postby ckirkland42 » Mon Apr 29, 2019 10:50 am

Hello, I am about to be a new pet owner to 2 blue and gold macaws. Any information/ advice would be greatly appreciated. They are 8 months old and have been together their whole life. I have done some research on them and have read a lot about Macaws. Any advice on cage size, Behavior towards other people, daily routine of some sort? Also, would I be able to bring them outside without them flying away? I am new to this but would love any feedback. Thanks
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Re: New Blue and Gold Macaw owner adive

Postby Michael » Mon Apr 29, 2019 11:00 am

The only safe way to take a parrot outside without flying away is in a travel carrier or wearing a harness. There is always the possibility of it flying away otherwise, even with clipped wings.
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Re: New Blue and Gold Macaw owner adive

Postby Pajarita » Tue Apr 30, 2019 10:50 am

Welcome to the forum and WOW! You went from laying down to running without crawling or walking first! That takes guts! Especially with baby macaws that would take another 3 or 4 years to become sexually active adults. I hope you have A LOT of time in your hands (meaning that you don't work outside the house) that you can devote to them but, if you do and you do everything right, you are in for the experience of your life!

Ditto 100% on the harness. As Michael said, there is no other way that is safe - even professional trainers lose birds in free-flight. It's unavoidable.

You are going to need a double macaw cage -but a true double macaw, not the single cages where they have put a division in the middle and call it a 'double'. I personally do not like corner cages (never big enough), dark colored cages (too claustrophobic), or domed ones (I like the flat top ones where the bird can perch and you can put a dish with food in it, and where you can stick a nice branch for them to perch, chew, etc).

You are also going to need to do thorough research on macaws natural diets because the common practice of free-feeding pellets is not good at all for them. And, because they are still very young, I would offer them two kinds of soft food but I would do it only in the morning - no need to do it twice a day.

Aside from that, it's a strict solar schedule, rooms long enough for them to fly (over 30 ft in length), bird-proofing your entire house, keeping a LARGE supply of chewing material and giving them love all the time.
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