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Postby moon1964 » Tue May 28, 2019 3:18 pm

My name is Susan

I have 2 amazon Parrots both of unknown age
Blue (blue-front) Angel (double-yellow head)

they used to be in the same cage. they are bonded to each other and Angel is partially bonded to myself while Blue Hates me.

recently through another forum I took the advice of a long time parrot owner and separated them to see if i could get Blue to trust me again. ( I used to be able to play and cuddle him until he bit through both lips)

Now I am thinking on putting them back into the same cage and letting them do there thing.

my question is will i loose Angel in the process.. I'm at a loss and posted my frustration at all the screaming earlier today.

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Re: question

Postby Pajarita » Wed May 29, 2019 9:10 am

Hi, Susan and welcome to the forum!

I am afraid that you got the wrong advice. Separating bonded birds doesn't make them 'unbond', it just makes them miserable and, usually, they blame you for their misery (they know it was you who did it). There are always two sides to everything and it's the same with parrot husbandry. You have the side of the bird lover and you have the side of the bird enjoyer. You got advice from a bird enjoyer and not a bird lover. A bird lover would have never considered separating two birds that love one another because it would never contemplate making his/her own life better by making a bird miserable while a bird enjoyer only cares about what he/she gets from the birds so, if the bird is not doing what he/she wants, he/she will force the issue even if it's to the detriment of the bird's happiness (unfortunately for our pet parrots, a lot of 'behaviorists' make this mistake).

But, leaving aside the reasons behind the advice, it was also given by somebody who, obviously, does not have a whole lot of experience dealing with a number of parrots for a long time because anybody who has done this knows that, when it comes to parrots, you do NOT use flooding techniques, you do not try to impose your will on them. These things just don't work in the long term and, usually, they end up making things worse. These techniques might not backfire very badly if you are dealing with a sweet-tempered species (like cockatiels and IRN's, for example) but they certainly do when you are dealing with large, powerful birds like amazons and even more so when you are dealing with any of the hot three species (yours belong to two of them).

Now, as to how to address your problem... We need more information because the ONLY way an amazon attacks its human is when the bird is overly hormonal and, most likely, in chronic discomfort if not pain OR if the bird has been previously abused by its previous owner. And I am saying this because I also have bonded pairs of amazons and one of them is a male/female pair of Yellow Napes (another 'hot' species) with a wild caught female and an abused male and neither attacks me as long as I am very careful not to get too close or disturb their 'nest' during breeding season (mind you, only during breeding season and not all year round). So, tell us, how long have you had these birds? Were they together from before or did they meet in your home? What kind of diet are they on (not what you offer but what they actually eat, whether it's free-fed or not and when it's given to them)? Light schedule? Clipped or fully flighted? What is the typical interaction between you and Angel, and you and Blue. Does Blue attack (meaning, he flies out or walks over to reach you so he can bite you) or is he just a carpe diem kind of guy that would bite you only if your hand is near him? Are there any more persons in the household? Does Blue react the same to everybody or only you? Have you pinpointed specific actions that trigger his attacks?
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