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hey new member here

New to the parrot forum? Introduce yourself and your flock to us.

hey new member here

Postby janeann » Fri Sep 06, 2019 7:07 am

hey everyone
my name is jane and I'm a new member
I had my first 2 parrots as a temporary foster for six months that went on life long family members. they are two miniature macaws by the name of Ralphie - feather plucker once depressive but crazy little bird - and scooby doo - who allegedly witnessed his original humum commit suicide by hanging and keeps saying scooby doo good boy but I can't go on
their ages are 24 and 18 respectively and commonly referred to as the married couple but I didn't stop there I went on to home another 7 parrots
pepsi is an African grey parrot aged 9 years she is a long term foster so far of 4 years after her humum went into hospital to have an operation which has since left her with mobility problems and has asked her to take on the bird but we have agreed that we will only accept the full ownership when the owner earns her full wings herself which won't we hope for many years to come
then there is rio my other African grey and my first official MY bird he is everything to me and he won't let anyone forget it telling everyone 'I'm mummies silly bird' and then laughing to himself I knew him from 12 weeks old when a friend first bought him but apparently after the first 12 months she decided she had done everything she could with him so I bought him off her before finding out that what she had actually managed to do was make him a nervous wreck but that is definitely in his past
but, before I took him on I was after my first challenge bird and the so called friend who sold rio to me sold me my Senegal splash aka Dracula when I first took her on it was fine a few nips nothing major, as my husband was living away at this time looking after a friend - more on that in a minute - I took it as something to occupy my mind as the two hahns had calmed down after initial trust issues when husband came home again she turned all the trust I had built up with her onto my husband and to the point where if she is out of the cage and my husband isn't in the room she will make a beeline for me and bite and not just some normal bite when it comes to birds she will bite down then twist - almost like a nipple twist, only on other parts of the body - I have the scars to prove it
she will still allow me to feed and water her and fuss her through the bars but the minute she is out she is on a one sided war as I love her to bits I just wish I knew how to stop the bites I have started going back to holding her in a towel something that we only recommend for wing and nail clipping but im trying on a little bit of tlc on her to try and see if that works
after adopting the 4 birds I wanted another - yes glutton for punishment - to be honest I never intended on buying one from a pet shop but we were friends with the owner and he breeds and hand rears his babies so we went for a look
it was near my birthday and my husband wanted to get me something special - so me being me I initially thought something for the birds which would give them as much pleasure as I would but then I saw one cage. inside were three monk parakeets 2 of the three had made friends but one came straight to the cage door almost as though he had picked me and I instantly fell in love I named him solo as he was the loner of the three even though others see it as a link to star wars lol
he just had to come home with us
it was at this point I said enough was enough …. yh I know us parrot people can never say no lol my husband had returned home and with him along came pepsi - see above - and now bud bud she was a feisty illish macaw now im not saying she is a super shy bird now but she has calmed down quite a bit - she first came to my husband as a long term foster due to work commitments and at first no body could handle her but he persevered with her and she clicked so when she came home to us if I sat on the sofa with my husband she would climb down off of him and nip me to tell me to move this went on for a further 2 years after which she learnt that I wasn't a threat and will now step up on me for about 5 mins unless my husband is close by and then I get used as a bridge she's not daft she is so beautiful but dominant not just over the other birds but also with my husband to the point of and as a sort of joke we tell people that she is the wife and I am the bit on the side but it works
well, that's the bird introduced now a couple of lines about me and my husband
well my name is Jane and my husband is named mick - by day im a housewife and mick is a lorry driver we have currently been married 19 years
when we were married 9 years we were both at a show when we met a lady in the east midlands of the uk who had set up her own parrot rescue organisation by the name of parrotaid I was working as a volunteer at the time for an internet radio station who was doing the public announcements at the event and she was an upset stall holder so it was my job to see what I could do bearing in mind that I hadn't until this eventful day seen a parrot in reality let alone held one she handed me her beloved blue and gold and yes I was breathing out of my bum to keep it polite lol
I managed to get her what she thought was two minutes of radio fame and she went away happy informing me to keep in touch - I think she thought I was something big in the radio, but either way being at the time a cat owner thought I never would be in touch - and normally my story would end there
we found ourselves within three days contacting the lady she then went on to tell us that she was having to move in the near future due to matrimonial problems, sensing her distress I offered to help where I could expecting to be asked to store a few boxes and such like but she asked if we would mind looking after above mentioned ralfie and scoobie for about 6 months
not knowing one parrot from another and thinking all parrots were easy going we agreed that was very soon corrected when she introduced me to them when both of them ran up both arms attacking my face they were removed from me and checked myself over which resulted in a blood-shot eye, black eye and cuts and bruises - enough to put anyone off - but instead I came out and said 'wow what did I do wrong' it may of sounded like a simple question or quote but it was a question I have come to ask myself time and time again over the years
thankfully they have both now settled down and are very much the noisiest craziest lovable members of the family and wouldn't part with them for all the money in the world
she moved and I dreaded having to hand the birds back but as you have read already she agreed to allow me to keep them
not long after the move she became concerned that someone was out to get her parrots and so at this time I sent mick over for a few days to stay with her and check that she was ok; he made arrangements to come home when suddenly her health started going against her - or so we were led to believe - this was when the wool was taken literally away from our eyes as there was no one to look after the parrots, but we were secure at this time between us so we kept putting off mick coming home - 6 years later he was able to and glad to say we are still as close as ever but that 6 years was hell to put it politely - sadly in the December of 2015 she passed away at the age of 69 :cry:
we were determined not to give up on the skills we had learnt and decided in 2017 to set up on our own as MJ parrots rescue and boarding taking the stress out of finding people to look after their birds whilst they go on holiday and also for birds that are no longer loved somewhere to go we are currently looking into moving in order to accommodate more birds as these are well and truly our life - people say we are crazy and have sacrificed our lives but I don't care yes we are crazy but as for having sacrificed anything I would prefer to put it that we have been honour with their trust and well being
this is only an introduction so please feel free to ask questions or make comments it takes a lot to offend me
thanks for reading xxx :senegal: :gray: :gray: :irn: :monk: :danicing:
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Re: hey new member here

Postby Pajarita » Fri Sep 06, 2019 8:30 am

Hi, Jane, Mick and feathered family, welcome to the forum! Wonderful, wonderful story, Jane! You have no idea how much we enjoy reading about other 'crazy' people (my family and friends also think I am crazy but they all agree it's the 'good' kind of crazy :lol: ). Let us know if we can help with anything, diet, light schedule, handling techniques, health problems, etc. And, please, be very careful about boarding other people's birds - you do not want to bring in an asymptomatic carrier of a contagious disease and infect your own!
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