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Hello from Ottawa

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Hello from Ottawa

Postby Sinegan » Wed Apr 28, 2021 12:43 pm


I am new to bird ownership and new to the forums.

I am the caretaker of two budgies for close to a year. I really wanted a Parrot first but decided to gain some experience caring for budgies to see how I like it. Well I love it so close to a year later I have adopted a Senegal Parrot after doing some research for the characteristics and noise level I was searching.

Although the previous owner believed that my bird Sinegan was a total of 10 years ( two years under her care and 8 years under the original owner) I think the Parrot is older.

He has a silver leg band with CHC 005 and perpendicular it says ONT and 06. The AACC confirms that it is not one of their leg bands. However if I interpret the colour of the band with the numbers it seems that CHC is the breeder from ONT Ontario and that he was the sixth hatchling (06) in 2005 (005).

I saw one post where someone seems to know who CHC is but never mentioned the name of the Breeder. Much appreciated if anyone can help.


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