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Toys, Accessories, and DIY Section Unveiled

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Toys, Accessories, and DIY Section Unveiled

Postby Michael » Thu Apr 15, 2010 10:16 am

So after much consideration and over-packing of the General section, I decided to add a separate section for discussing parrot toys, accessories, and DIY. Also I moved what topics I could find specific to toys from various sections over to the new one. So don't panic if you can't find a topic you made elsewhere. It may have been moved to the new section:


If you find any sections around the forum that should have been moved to the new section, please let me know about it here.

Let me try to explain the difference between Housing and Toys, Accessories, and DIY as they overlap somewhat. If you are talking about cages, trees, perches, and other things parrots can spend their time on, it belongs in Housing. If you are talking about the toys, play things, and other unrelated accessories, they belong in the Toy section. If you want to talk about building your own cage or play stand then it should go in toys/DIY. Any other DIY parrot projects should go here as well unless they are overwhelmingly more relevant to another section (let's say a DIY project for a device to teach a parrot to talk, might belong in vocalizations instead).

So enjoy the new section and if you have any feedback, you may discuss it here.
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