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Index of Helpful Parrot Articles/Discussions on the Forum

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Index of Helpful Parrot Articles/Discussions on the Forum

Postby Michael » Fri Jun 04, 2010 11:07 am

Training Articles
Complete Parrot Taming and Training Guide
How to Teach Parrot to Step Up and to Come Out of Cage
Senegal Parrot Flight Tricks Medley
Flight Harness Training Parrot
Continuous vs. Variable Ratio Reinforcement for Flight
How I Untrained Flying Away From Being Grabbed (Counter Conditioning)
Analysis of Positive Reinforcement Training

Other Articles
Senegal Parrot Information and FAQ
Budgerigar FAQ
Senegal Parrot Biting and Aggression Issues
How To Overcome One Person Parrot Aggression
How to Potty Train Parrot
Why Cat/Dogs Pose Severe Threat to Household Parrots
Why you should never buy an UNWEANED baby parrot
Wild Monk Parakeets of Brooklyn
Evolutionary Origins of Parrots
The Pitfall of Positive Reinforcement Training
Cost of Owning a Parrot

Forum Announcements and Tips
Welcome to The Parrot Forum
Forum Rules
Instructions for avatar pictures of your birds
Embed YouTube Videos
Forum Ranking System
Forum Tips
Parrot Forum Flier
Technical FAQ for Forum Features/Problems

Clipping/Flight Related Moments
Our OMG Moment (Clipped Parrot Flew Away)
How do you? (Parrot flew out back door and was hit by car)
My Parrot flew away. What should I do? (Clipped parrot flew out window but was later found)
Most Terrifying Day of My Life
Flew away

Popular Parrot Discussions
Share photos of your flock here
Seriously Idiotic Parrot Owners
Bird Prices
Senegal Parrot Comparison for Senegal Parrot Owners
What are your parrot's favorite toys?
Breeder vs Rehome
Avoiding Pellet Dunking
Went to breeder. In love with senegals!
Anyone here owned a Senegal AND a african grey?
Vitamin A veggies and fruits for Parrots (a list)
Other Foods for Parrots

Training Blog - Parrot Training Blog
Training Blog Discussion Section
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Re: Index of Helpful Parrot Articles/Discussions on the Forum

Postby William » Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:50 pm

Sweet thanks! I've only had my quaker parrot for a week and I've already taught him tricks - Step Up, Kiss, and Dance. Quakers are really smart!
ROCKY - Quaker Parrot

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